Broadband speed issues

If your broadband is slow, keeps dropping out or you’re not getting the speeds you’re paying for, then you'll need an experienced broadband engineer to check the line quality,measure the down and upload speed and report on findings.

The quality of your internal wiring will have a significant impact on the speed of your broadband. Often the internal telephone wiring at a property has been neglected or has been added onto over the years which can cause slow and unreliable broadband speeds. We will undertake a full property check of your wiring and equipment to determine whether there are any issues which need addressing. Resolving the wiring problems as well as some methodical “detective work” can often bring dramatic improvements to download speeds.

An experienced broadband engineer with over 10 years experience will visit your property to diagnose and repair faults caused by your phone wiring or sockets to increase the stability and speed of your broadband connection.

When you contact us you'll speak directly to the engineer who will be carrying out the work, avoiding the need to deal with frustrating call centres as is often the case with BT, Sky and other telecoms providers.

We always guarantee the highest standard of workmanship and have built a reputation for reliability. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service at very competitive rates (considerably less than a BT engineer).