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Book your home and garden WiFi services with us at Eclipse Telephone Engineers. We cover Surrey & London.

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'Point to Point' WiFi installation - Point to Point WiFi Installation is a great way of getting your broadband service to your garden office without the need for a cable in the garden. 


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Having WiFi issues? Losing signal in your property or need to extend the signal? Frustrating 'dead zones'? We can install 'WiFi access points' in your property to give you complete coverage and use Cat 6 external cable solutions where possible. We have suitable solutions for your garden office, pool house, tree house, garden deck or even your hot tub. All external garden buildings can be catered for using POE (power over ethernet) solutions so no power socket needed. For larger properties we recommend a wired system. Where possible we run cables outside of the house and only use external Cat 6 grade. We can also network your property with ethernet cabling internally. If you have a property project lined up, then contact us regarding your network needs. Contact us today to speak to a WI-FI engineer. Based in Dorking, we serve the whole of Surrey, West London, North London and South London, including Banstead, Epsom, Sutton, Kingston, and Croydon. 


Point to Point wireless is a data connection between two points (known as “end points”). The connection is delivered wirelessly through radio waves, and so does not require the use of cables. Point to point wireless is most commonly used to connect: Buildings, CCTV Cameras, Sensors, Devices or anything else that needs a data connection. They can be used to provide a direct link for both short and long range connections where line of sight is available and delivers data at a comparable speed to a physical fibre line.


A point to point wireless can be used for IP telephony, CCTV, as well as internet access. Put simply, point to point wireless can be used to connect any application you want to communicate with another location or device in a different geographic location without using cables. Point to point wireless connections are achieved by installing an antenna and a radio device at either end of your link. This then gets connected to your own internal cabled infrastructure – giving you a wireless bridge between both ends. If you can imagine throwing cable between each end, this is how a well installed wireless link will operate.
When information is requested or sent to the remote end, it is done via an Ethernet cable to the radio. This is then converted by the radio and sent over the air and converted back again into an ethernet connection.


A cabled connection using Cat6 will give you superb performance for your garden office. Armoured Cat 6 cable used and the latest Wi-Fi 6 routers installed. Home Wi-Fi upgrades using Wi-Fi 6 access points and expertly installed ethernet cables, run externally where possible.

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Garden office WI-FI solutions, Sky Q for the kids den, Wifi in a tree house, pool house, garden lights, garden irrigation systems, patio Wifi, Airbnb's and farm buildings. Even if you just want to sit out in your garden and browse your tablet, we can make it happen. 

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Excellent service putting in a radio wi-fi extension and fixed a subsequent bug a year later with no charge.

I called this company and I was happily greeted with a next day appointment. The gentleman came and completed my networking wiring very professionally and did everything I requested. Very polite and even without asking, took his shoes off before coming into my home. Crimped all my Pre-existing wires and tested everything was working. I had one socket stuck behind a cupboard so we could not access it. I was not bothered and I requested we can do that later. The following day one cable to my pc stopped working so I contacted him and he came very quickly to fix it for free. All has been working since, with no problems. Very professional and clean work. I have already recommended him to my friend and brother. Very reasonable cost seeing as the service was included and excellent. Thanks very much, I'm a happy daddy with wired ethernet throughout the house.

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Adnan Khawaja

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