WIFI Services

Having WIFI issues? Losing signal in your property or need to extend the signal? Frustrating 'dead Zones'?

We have a solution for you. Normal WiFi extenders can be troublesome so we find the best solution is a wired connection to a second router or access point. If you have a larger property we can install more than one access point to cover all the areas. We can even provide a cabled solution for your garden office.

Mesh technology is now here.

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By taking the signal from your modem or existing router and distributing it around a series of “nodes” or satellite devices, mesh systems eradicate black spots while also maintaining a much higher level of throughput than a single router can maintain.
Another advantage of mesh systems is that, in theory at least, they’re modular. You have the flexibilty to extend your network in stages, or when you move house and find that you need to spread your Wi-Fi signal over a larger area. We can even supply and fit outdoor systems for your gardens.
For larger properties we still recommend a wired system. Where possible we run cables outside of the house and only use external Cat 6 grade. Contact us today to speak to a WI-FI engineer.

Based in Purley, we serve the whole of Surrey and and South London, including Banstead, Epsom, Sutton, Kingston, and Croydon.